ENTRANCE LOBBY TO BALLROOM                                                LOUNGE AREA IN THE BALLROOM


                                            Famous Brown Ballroom

Available for:

                        Weddings Receptions               Social Club Events

                        Birthday Parties                           Gospel Concerts

                        Family Reunions                            Funeral Re-past

The hall is available on first come, first serve basis and is only secured by payment of Reservation Advance Deposit. Famous Brown has the right to disapprove rental applications. All rental payment must be paid the day before the event.

Rent small or rent big................  Best rental prices in town!

Can hold up to 300 people with tables

Rental Rates: (4 hours)


      Monday-Thursday, daytime (before- 4pm)    $400.00            

      Monday-Thursday, evening  (after 4pm)       $500.00             

      Friday ,Saturday                                     $700.00             

      Sunday Church Gospel events                      $400.00

 Additional Required Fees:

       $75.00 cleaning fee

      $150.00 Damage Deposit (Refundable if no damage found)

       Any breakage of furnishing will be charged accordingly and renter is liable for any and all damages occurring doing their event and payment is due on demand. This includes, but not limited to, damage to the restrooms, tables, chairs, lights, windows, doors, flooring or any other property inside or outside of Fairfield Commons Mall.

     Music: Renting Party can play proper (not derogatory) songs. Excessive noise from the renting Party's event is not permitted. It is the sole responsibility of the Renting Party to control the sound level of its event, including, but not limited to, sound from music, audio/visual systems, and quests of the Renting Party. Failure to control the noise level may result in the closing of the Renting Party's event with no refund. If Police is called out, the event may be ended and the renting party will be responsible for any fees.

We don't rent to any Rap or Hip Hop events.

       No Alcoholic beverage allowed without ABC license for your event. Any drugs or alcoholic beverages brought to your event by your guest will close your event without a refund.


For booking call (804) 615-2901  or 222-5374

               Go to Famous Brown Shows page to see available dates.


Front Left corner                  Center seating              Back corner Vip seating 


LEFT SIDE OF Ballroom      Right side of entrance

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